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Get in ma BELLY!

I feels like this needs no introduction but, for non-Scottish readers...behold, the humble roll and square sausage, with tattle scone. And Diet Coke of course.

You may recognise the title of this post as the battle-cry of the kilted, rotund, well-named Scotsman who featured in the second and third Austin Powers films. It's also my own foodie call to arms, along with what's for dinner? and is dinner ready yet? It should be known that I like to eat. I like to eat a lot. A colleague passing my desk last week noted that every time he'd passed my desk, I'd been eating. Well, a girl has to keep up her energy. It always surprises people, I suppose because of my somewhat diminutive stature, but I guess I'm like a little gremlin and really, it's best if I'm kept well-fed.  (My husband, fortunately, fully understands this and recognises the early warning signs.)

So, having established that I'm a bit of a grubber...I wanted to say a bit about setting up this blog. I really do enjoy eating and I'm just as happy with a roll and sausage (see photo, from The Rock in Dunoon - recommended!) as I am with a 2* Michelin lunch. I have lived in Argyll for a number of years now, having spent many more before that making regular visits, and I love where I live. Argyll has much to recommend it including breathtaking scenery, excellent sailing waters, endless walks of all levels, a wide range of outdoor activities, vibrant local communities and events, and - of course - the food. Just yesterday I kicked off this blog by asking people what they like to eat when they #eatargyll and I've been blown away by the response. It looks like you lot like to eat as much as I do and there's a lot of fondness for a really broad range of eateries across the region.  Naturally, I now feel required to work my way around all these fabulous recommendations so that I can bring you the skinny on what to eat and where.  Yes, I shall suffer for you.  

Perhaps you live here but if you don't then maybe you'd like to know something about it? Argyll & Bute is the second largest local authority in Scotland, covering a not insubstantial 690,946 hectares of land. The area's population stood at 86,810 people in 2017 (National Records of Scotland's 2017 Mid-Year Populations Estimates) and the area includes Loch Lomond, Rothesay, Tobermory and Islay, as well as Helensburgh, which is often mistakenly thought to be part of Glasgow or Dunbartonshire. The area is known for its dramatic scenery and unspoilt coastlines.  Visitor attractions include the incredible Mount Stuart house and gardens, Benmore Botanic Gardens, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, plenty of castles, including Barcaldine Castle, distilleries in Campbeltown and Islay, and much, much more.  The video below says it better than I can.  

In short - I want to take you with me while I travel around Argyll finding all the best things to eat, whether that's goodies from local producers and suppliers, or meals from restaurants, pubs and cafes throughout the region. Actually - it'd be nice to have you along with me too, so if you fancy literally coming with me, do let me know!

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