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Lunch at the Lorne, Dunoon

I've been to The Lorne in Dunoon a few times now and each and every time I've forgotten to photograph my food. This is perhaps an indicator of how good the food is in here! So, you'll have to bear with me on this one, and just imagine the meals and I promise I'll get some photos next time I'm in!

The pub has been completely refurbished inside and has a really welcoming pub/wine bar feel to it. There's a spacious dining area with a range of seating options, including lovely big booths. There's also an outside area which provides a comfortable place to relax on warm, sunny days. You'll find this place packed on weekends, particularly when they have gigs on. I remember attempting to squeeze our way in here when they had Heron Valley playing - standing room only, if that!

My most recent visit to The Lorne was for lunch with a friend. When I came into the pub, I was welcomed straight away and shown to the seating area where I found my friend. I'd never been in for lunch before so I was keen to see what the options were. I did remember to snap shots of the menu for you!

There's plenty to choose from and the range of reliable classics ensure there's something for everyone here. You'll see there's V or VG next to a number of the dishes, ensuring that there's a good number of options if you're vegetarian or vegan. We were brought our drinks very quickly and once we'd stopped nattering (!), we picked our dishes, with my friend opting for a baked potato with mediterranean vegetables, and I chose the caprese panini. Nothing says summer for me quite like a caprese...something about the addition of fresh basil - yum!

We weren't kept waiting for our food and what was nice was being able to see into the kitchen, which adds a sort of welcoming warmth to the place - we could see our dishes being plashed up onto the pass! Both meals were just as we expected, served simply, and both were really tasty. This would be a reliable place to take friends or family for a meal - I'd happily take my parents here for a bite to eat, and they have very particular tastes, but I know there'd be plenty for them to choose from here.

I've also been here for our work Christmas party and I was really impressed then. We were a big party - two booths full - and we received really friendly, welcoming, relaxed service. I didn't get the feeling they were rushing to get our table turned or to get through 'another' Christmas party - I felt we were welcome to enjoy our evening (which of course we should be, but we all know that it's not always the case when the season is in full flow and busy establishments are churning through tables!). I was also taken with the size of our portions - everything was really generous. I'd ordered the venison and got a really hearty serving with all the trimmings.

As you can see from the mains menu, there's plenty more reliable options to choose from - lasagne, steak, burgers, fish and chips, mac and cheese, and sausage and mash.

On another occasion when I went for group meal with work friends, I was, again, amazed at the portions! I ordered the fish and chips, going for the 'full fillet' option and ended up with something the size of jaws on my plate! It was huge! So you can certainly say you get value for money as it's both generous and delicious.

For me, The Lorne ticks all the boxes - friendly, welcoming, a great range of food, well-priced, huge portions, good value for money, and a really comfortable environment. There is literally no reason for you not to visit...so what are you waiting for?!

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