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The Strone Inn

The Strone Inn - image borrowed from their website because I forgot to take one!

Full disclosure here - I won a voucher to spend in The Strone Inn and this was the reason we booked our evening meal there. However, I've been meaning to go to The Strone Inn for AGES so the arrival of the voucher was a useful and timely reminder which prompted me into booking a table after all this time. We also had a nice reason to go - the Easter holidays marks twenty years since the hubster and I got together!

We booked our table quite early and pottered round on a Friday evening. Its location is fab as you get beautiful view across The Holy Loch from the windows at the front and, on a warmer day, from the tables in the garden. It was a bit fresh to be sitting out so we headed in to find the pub already busy with locals and a lot of dogs! The dogs were pretty much the centre of attention, ensuring they got cuddles and pats from any passing person!

The dining area is a cosy wee area, complete with roaring fire and when we arrived, all tables were already booked so I would suggest that if you're going, ensure you reserve a table ahead of your arrival. The whole vibe of the place is a classic, friendly local pub with classic pub grub. The menus are changed regularly and normally appear on the pub's Facebook page but pictured below is the menu we chose from on Friday. We skipped a starter and it's probably just as well, I'm certain I would not have survived three courses! I chose the beer battered haddock and the husband chose Linda's steak and Guinness pie.

We were advised at point of ordering, from our very welcoming and friendly waitress, that the pie would take twenty minutes. This is fine by us as it means it's being cooked from scratch, not heated up, so we ordered drinks and awaited the arrival of the food. It didn't seem like twenty missed passed before our massive meals made an appearance at the table.

As you can see from the photos, we both received a hearty portion! We tipped our chips onto the plate and were pleased to find proper, hand-cut chips with their skins still on - they were really tasty. The menu notes that they are chunky, hand-cut red rooster chips that are twice cooked - they really deliver on that promise. My fish had the lightest, fluffiest batter imaginable and inside the fish flaked softly - it was perfect. There was also tartare sauce and salad, all of which I tucked into. The hubster's pie looked fabulous and this is a moment where I wish there was some way of communicating smell over the interwebs, because when he cut into that pie - wow! - it smelled amazing. I shall admit to a little food envy at this point.

Our server came to the table to check everything was okay and commented that the pie had made many a man weep in their efforts to finish it. Reader, I can advise that not a tear was shed in the emptying of this pie dish...

I think if he thought he could have got away with licking it, he would!

By this point we were STUFFED. Honestly - so full. However, we chose to battle on bravely, for you, so that we could provide a full and frank review.

So we ordered pudding. I chose the almond chocolate orange tart which came with what looks suspiciously like squirty cream (joy!) and for him, was the lemon meringue pie. Both did exactly what they said on the tin and I must say, the almond biscuit base on mine added a really interesting dimension to the chocolate orange tart. I was also pleased to get in two of my five-a-day! ;-)

We could barely move but thankfully, we weren't rushed off our table! We were given plenty of time to relax with our drinks after the meal, allowing us to eventually roll ourselves out the door.

I was pleased to see that suppliers are listed on the menu, so you know where your food has come from, with all fish supplied by Paul at Aray Fish, eggs from Stronchullin Farm and the venison from Winston Churchill, so you know you're in safe hands with quality ingredients.

I also loved the music at The Strone Inn - the tunes were all 80s classics which worked for me and the Mr!

I would thoroughly recommend The Strone Inn with its mix of friendly, welcoming service, a range of cosy, comfortable areas to sit and eat or drink, good music and great food with local provenance. It's a great local pub which happily welcomes all visitors, including canine ones!

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